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Nepal covers the area of 147,181 sq km, the landlocked land, 800km long and 200km wide heading north from the Indian border, the landscape rises from just 150m above sea level to 8848m at the top of Mt Everest. With the rapid political changes as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal the division of the land as districts are now divided into the Provinces. Therefore Solukhumbu District is one of 14 districts of Province No. 1 of eastern Ne...

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Cultural Events
Mani Rimdu Festival

Mani Rimdu festival is one of the ancient festivals of the Sherpa people living in the Solukhumbu. This festival is a total of 19 consecutive day festivities. It concludes with the last three days allocated as public viewing of the festival. The meaning attributed to “Mani Rimdu” is t...

The Dumji Festival

The Dumji Festival is a very special festival in the Khumbu area. It is celebrated in the month of May or June every year. During the celebratin, there is dancing, drinking and merry making in addition to the more serious rituals and dances performed by the monks. The...

Lhosar Festival

LOSAR – Losar is one of the festivals in Nepal. The festival is celebrated in Buddhist religion follower community like Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung and Thakali etc. who live in the hilly and the mountainous region. The literal meaning of losar is New Year and follows...


Sakela is the main festivals of Kirant Rai. It is also knowns as Ubhauli and Udhauli festivals of Kirant Rai. Every Kirant Rai have Sub-languages groups and have their different name of Sakela. In terms of khaling Rai language Sakela is called 'Waas', Which means offe...