Dudhkunda Lake

Posted on Jan, 2020, Under Destinations

Dudhkunda Lake is located in Dudhkunda Municipality -1. Since it is completely white like milk, local people called it Dudhkunda. In the Nepali language ‘Dudh’ means milk and ‘Kunda’ means lake. It lies at the altitude of 4700 meters. This lake is formed by the glacier of Mt. Number and Mt. Karyalung.  
According to the Buddhist mythology, lord Manjushree is said to have hidden the remaining water of ancient lake of Kathmandu valley after cutting the Chovar hill to drain out the lake.

According to the Hindu mythology, the churning of the sea (Samudra Manthan) is said to have taken place here.  The scripture describes the sea lies in between two mountains Chandrachal & Dronachal, which resembles the present Mt. Number and Mt. Karyalung. This lake has religious significance to both Buddhist and Hindu followers.